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Twilight For Men

As much as I hate the series, Twilight stupidity is here to stay. Even though there is practically no hype these days since no new movie is going out soon, a lot of dedicated fans are still into the vampire story based on what I read on FML.

I don’t know any self-respecting straight man who would say that he is kinikilig over Twilight’s story. I’m not saying there aren’t any out there, I just don’t know any. And for a good reason – Twilight is written for teen and pre-teen girls. You have an average girl who is in a love triangle between a “perfect” and handsome living dead and a hunky man-dog. What teen-age girl wouldn’t be thrilled?

Knowing this formula, I thought “What if I can come up with Twilight for men?” Since the ‘lead’ in Twilight is that pot-smoking (in real life) girl, I’d make the lead in my story an average guy who is not good with women.

Here is how it would go – the lead would be an average guy who is not good in sports. He is not remarkably gifted in the academics field either. He is, well, just average in every aspect. But then he would be in a love triangle between the two hottest girls around. And these girls would be perfect. I mean:

– she would not be a nagger
– she won’t be needy and clingy
– she would respect a man’s time with his friends
– she wouldn’t force their man to go shoe-shopping with her and not get angry
– she won’t take four hours to get ready when going out on a date
– she’d have a smoking hot body and the most beautiful face
– she won’t mind if the guy plays a little too much video games
– she won’t mind if the guy drinks a little too much sometimes

She’d just be perfect in every way.

Now if a book like that came out, would it sell to guys? What do you think?

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