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7 Things To Remember On Your First Shoot

I just had my first “shoot” experience. Happy. But more importantly, I learned a few stuff. It was by no means an official photo shoot. We didn’t have a theme or anything. We just went to a nice spot and took some pictures. There were four of us, two shooters and two models. It was […]

What I Learned About International Shipping From Buying My Joystick

I am very happy with my new toy. That much I admit. But there were a few things that I wished had gone better First of all, props to Fedex for early delivery. I mentioned that someone called me yesterday afternoon at 1pm. It was Fedex. They were a few hours early since the ETA […]

New Blog Theme?

Here is what this blog used to look like: But I changed it. With this, I am breaking one of the golden rules of blogging – stick to one theme. Its not even five months since I last changed my blog theme. Oh well. You see, sticking to one theme creates a powerful brand image […]