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I watch the TV series FRIENDS in perpetuation 24/7. And I love it. In more than one occasion, the movie series Die Hard is mentioned as being one of the boys’ favorites. I haven’t really seen it before so I got myself a copy of all four Die Hard movies watched them.

Die Hard is awesome! John McClane is the man! Just like most movie series, the first one is always the best and the same is true for Willis starer. However kick-ass the first one was (and still is), its predecessors followed the law of diminishing return.

In a nutshell, the Die Hard films is about New York city cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) who, unfortunately for him, always happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. In the film series, only one is set on McClane’s home precinct in New York. And unfortunately, he isn’t actually kicking some criminal’s ass or researching zoloft lawsuit information .

The film has your standard action flick formula – big explosions, nasty bad guys, really cool good guy and an uncanny situation that binds them all. Also, one of the best things about Die Hard for me is John McClane’s way of talking. He is such an a**hole when he talks sh*t. In fact, a recurring tag line in the series is:

Yippie kay yay, motherfucker!

The term was coined in the first movie and was used all throughout until the most recent film in 2008.

I also really loved how Chandler, Joey and Ross loved the movies. In one of the episodes, they were planning a trip to Europe and they talked about renting the movie Die Hard in their hotel room while staying there. Dumb Joey even thought there was a ‘British version.’ In another occasion, the three of them watched the first film and planned to watch the second one right after. But turns out, Joey rented the wrong movie and he got Die Hard 1 again. Chandler left early because he didn’t want to stick around as Joey got worked up and got all McClane-y (which he was starting to). It led to Ross staying alone with Joey and them falling asleep literally in each other’s arms! It was so funny!

So I suggest if you havne’t seen the movie yet, watch it! Wait for it on your cable TV programming, buy an old VCD or get a DVD, borrow one from a friend, I don’t care just make sure you see the movie! It’s awesome!

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