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Scrubs are sexy

Nurses have the sexiest uniforms, period. There is something about nursing scrubs that is just irresistable. No, it’s not exactly lab coats or medical wear that we are talking about, it’s strictly scrubs or nursing uniforms. I even saw on one funny statement shirt that says – “white scrubs are see-through :)” I think it was a shirt or some funny wall poster or some Internet infographic explaining why nurses are sexy. It had like ten reasons listed. But hey, you had me sold on the uniforms alone. I wish every profession that requires a uniform would require something as cool and sexy as scrubs. They are awesome!

I, myself, have tought of wearing scrubs before. A friend of mine was taking up nursing back in college and they were reaquired to wear nursing scrubs. I also had a really nice pair of pants that he wanted to borrow back then. I told him that we can trade pants, he can wear my pants but he would have to lend me his nursing scrubs uniform. I was not sure if there was any rule against non-nurses wearing nursing scrubs, but we never got to do it. I think he needed his uniform and can’t afford to lend it back then, I don’t think I remember.

Honestly, I don’t even like scrubs the first time I saw them. I went to this local nursing wear shop and I was like ‘meh, so it’s nurse uniforms. big deal.’ But a few years later, I saw them at a different light.

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