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Transferring Domains from to

I got this domain for free around a year ago from Time flies so fast.

It’s time to renew its registration or transfer it. I had initially wanted to to transfer it to but for some reason, they wouldn’t take in a domain transfer if the domain is nearing expiration.


I then tried to but I can’t even login to their website! I was lucky enough yesterday and I was able to login but when I proceeded to checkout my transfer, it just times out.

I also considered just renewing it and staying with Gandi but their prices are double the prices of other registrars!

Finally, I was able to initiate a domain transfer from to I was also lucky enough to get a free Whois protection for a year because of a promo code.

As of now, Gandi still has my domain and my domain list at is still empty but I have paid the transfer fee via Paypal.

I’m hoping this will run smoothly until the transfer is complete. Wish me luck. 🙂

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