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No Facebook Love – Friendster

Yes, yes it’s the big news around social media circles and pretty much the whole local Internet scene. Friendster is ditching some of its social media functionalities in favor of a more entertainment-based platform. Some people really don’t care. But for the nostalgia freak like me, there is an option to download user data (tulad nung mga testi na ipinagmakaawa mo pa! 🙂 ) or export them to other services. This is where I saw what I think was a “tampo” moment.

With blogs, there are no troubles. You can choose to download your Friendster blogs in formats where you can upload them to WordPress or Blogger. Nice.

Export/download your data.

But for the photos, there is no option to export your photos on to Facebook! You can export to Flickr, obviously because it’s one of the most popular photo sharing websites. Multiply? I’m not sure why, too. The website is long dead in terms of social sharing. Multiply is now more of a marketplace.

It’s pretty obvious where everyone has gone to to socialize online. As Friendster is now attempting to do for itself, Facebook isn’t just for socializing. You can shop, sell stuff, advertise groups & events and not to mention the games, where you can users can do anything from playing bingo to growing crops. It would be a great service to a lot of Friendster users if they can export their photos from four years ago (and perhaps further back) to Facebook. But Friendster did not offer such service.


Not man enough to admit/face defeat? Feel bad that you were dethroned oh so brutally? C’mon Friendster, that’s not how a former champion behaves, yes?

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