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Priests Love To Party On Holy Week

This news bit made (semi) headlines days ago. I was not surprised knowing how smug and self-righteous some priests can be. I was, however, surprised at one detail when I read the whole article.

Read: Pari sa Baguio, pinasaringan ang mga pro-RH bill

If you didn’t catch it, here is a summary:

This priest called out Rep. Risa Hontiveros and other RH Bill supporters during the mass.

“Ang ganda-gandang babae niya. Ang ganda-ganda niyang magsalita pero ang pangit-pangit ng stand niya, Risa Hontiveros. Kung mayroong nakikimisa na pro-RH bill, please go out. It’s useless,”

Naturally, Hontiveros was pissed off. And I say, rightfully so. She said:

“Nakaka-shock talaga at nakakalungkot. Nakakagalit din. Can’t they let people worship in peace?”

I totally agree.

But this next bit is what really got me. When the news team tried to get a hold of the said priest:

Sinubukan ng Regional Network Group na kunin ang pahayag ng paring nagbigay ng sermon sa Baguio pero naka-bakasyon na ito sa Laoag.

I didn’t know priests take their vacation during the Holy Week too. Even though it seems that the rest of the country has forgotten the solemness of the Holy Week, I still thought that the Catholic Church would be one to keep the season sacred and meaningful. But no, priests are also on vacation during the Holy Week. Aren’t they supposed to be busy with some Lenten and Holy Week activities? I guess not.

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