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Sorry, Phil

My blogging goes more and more out of character. First Justin Bieber, now sports!

I want to talk about Phil Jackson’s lasts. Yes, this is Jackson’s last season on the NBA. This was his last Playoff series and earlier today was his last game. And all I say is: What a sad and terrible way for a Hall of Famer and a basketball legend to go out.

Phil is “winningest” coach in the NBA. He has 11 rings as a coach and is just one ring short of another three-peat this year. He has also teamed up with the sport’s greatests like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

But as they say “Hindi araw-araw Pasko” (not everyday is Christmas Day) Even the great LA Lakers has to lose some time. But what a terrible way to lose. In his last series, his team was swept 4-0. He did not win even a single game. And on his last game, he lost by 36 points! This is certainly not fitting for a Hall Of Famer but what are you gonna do? It is what it is. Sorry, Phil.

Though I liked watching basketball when I was younger, today I’m not really a big basketball fan or a sports fan at that. But when you something like this, it breaks your heart a little.

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