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Concert Tickets

I’m thinking of buying Incubus tickets early.

I know they aren’t like this super popular tickets like Nassau Coliseum tickets but hey, early tickets are early tickets. And it’s always better when you have tickets with you on the earliest time possible. It’s good just in case there’s a sudden spike of demand like Staples Center Tickets during a Lakers finals series. And just in case something happens and you can’t make it to the said event, you can always sell your ticket anywhere like Beacon Theatre tickets. Also, having tickets early is better than taking your chance and seeing if tickets will be available on the venue. And sometimes, there are even promos for early buyers so you can’t go wrong with that!

I’ve only attended one big concert in my life and that’s the First Reunion Concert of the Eraserheads. We took our chance and bought tickets on the same day of the event. I didn’t feel comfortable with that. I felt that they were going to run out of tickets or something. Luckily, there were still tickets at the vunue even during zero hour. Madison Square Garden tickets are harder to come by. Even more, Honda Center tickets But what do I know? I haven’t gone to those stadiums yet.Bit that probably is the case. They are popular names so it’s probably not very easy to get a hold of tickets. During the Eraserheads concert, the hardest part was worrying if there are still tickets available. But it still, it was a challenge. At first, it was thought that the event was going to be sponsored by a tobacco brand and that buying their product was the only way to watch. But it turned out to be not true. Then we found out that we can buy tickets from any National Bookstore branch. Even though there was a National Bookstore branch in our local SM, we bought tickets from Megamall. I don’t remember why.

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