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Finally Got A Nissin Di622 Mark II

I wished for this and now I got it (sans the cup noodles though). I finally have a Nissin Di622 Mark 2.

Actually, I got this about two weeks ago. I didn’t write about it yet because I wasn’t able to use it out-of-the-box. I didn’t have batteries! Hahaha

My battery-buying process took as long if not longer than the acquisition of the flash. You see, I already have two pieces of Sanyo Eneloop batteries (for my old point-and-shoot) which I think are awesome and a 2-slot Quick Charger also from Sanyo. I contemplated on whether buying only two more pieces of battery, four pieces and whether or not to buy a 4-slot charger. Considering money, time and everything else, I opted to buy just 4 pieces of Eneloops. But I digress.

On to the flash itself – it is awesome. I am really enjoying the flexibility of having an external flash. Even when it is mounted on the hot shoe, I enjoy the flexibility of being able to bounce the light off walls and ceilings. It beats the hell out of the tiny pop-up light on my camera.

Here is a sample shot of me looking all grumpy and disappointed. (flash bounced off the wall)

Nissin Di6ss Mark 2
click image for larger view

I also tried using it in optical slave mode and it works like a charm. Though I thought when it’s in digital slave (green light) and it ignores the pre-flash, it wouldn’t fire when the pre-flash is fired. But it did. But it also fired when the shutter is released so I guess that’s how it was supposed to work. I was just surprised. (noob me)

I haven’t tried triggering it wirelessly via radio yet, though. My camera doesn’t have a built-in transmitter and I don’t have a transmitter at the moment. But that’s not a concern right now.

My only concern is the weight. It’s a chore to carry the camera with this thing sitting on the hot shoe. The weight will eventually take its toll on your hand and wrist. The best option is to use the neck strap. But the thing is, it’s falls over to the front. because of the weight. Even so, it’s a small price to pay and I can let that go. But it will totally be a hassle if I have to shoot for extended periods of time or while on the go or in crowded places. Also, if you don’t attach it properly to the hot shoe, it gets loose fairly easily if you move a lot because of the weight. And worse, it might fall off. Always ensure that it’s attached securely on your camera’s hot shoe.

Aside from that, I have no complaints as of the moment. It works like a charm and it’s very affordable. Having an external flash opens up a lot of possibilities if you’re used to just shooting with your camera body and kit lens.

Now I have to learn more about lighting techniques. This should be fun! 🙂

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