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Surprisingly Good: I Am Number 4

Ok maybe it’s not that good. But still, I enjoyed it a lot.

I guess the main reason I really enjoyed it is that I was pleasantly surprised with the plot. Whenever I asked people what the story is about they’d just say “…the enemies have already killed 1,2,3 and Number 4 is the hero…” that’s it. I mean, wtf? I mean, is it an action-drama? Is it set in this time, or the past? Or what?? They’d they just tell me to just go watch the film.

I never thought it’d be a sci-fi action movie. So I guess I really liked it because I haven’t seen a good sci-fi movie series in a while. I did see Battle Los Angeles a little bit earlier but that’s really more of a war movie. Take out all the sci-fi stuff and it’ll still be the same movie in essence.

And also, there are lots of action, fight scenes, explosions and hot babes. That’s always a good thing.

But even though the story had so much potential, the dialogue sucked so hard. It was painful to listen to at times. And also, I feel that they forced in some sort of Smallville and Twilight elements in the film. I thought they were unnecessary. The film could have been sooooooooooooooooooo much better.

I Am Number 4
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But even after having said that, I’m sure I’ll watch the next installments. Number 6 alone is reason enough. Besides, I was able to sit through the excruciating lines in the first one, I’m sure I can go through a little bit more.

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