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Top 5 Foods I Love Now That I Probably Won’t Be Able To Enjoy As Much 10 Years From Now (maybe sooner)

I’m not the healthiest one in the bunch. That much I can admit. While I do have some nice traits, my lifestyle will generally make any health buff cringe.

For one, I don’t eat plants except for a few stuff like rice, bread, potatoes, etc. But I don’t generally eat any kind of leaf, fruit or vegetable. My stomach gets upset and my lips and mouth get red and itchy. Also, I don’t get any exercise at all. Especially during the last few years when I’ve been freelancing full time. It’s a little different now that I have a job and am going outside the house more. Wearing glasses and being generally clumsy on any physical activity has made me skip the possibility of picking up any new sport or physical activity. However, I plan to change this. But I digress. On to the topic.

I’d like to list the Top Five Foods I enjoy now and probably won’t be able to enjoy as much soon unless I have a radical change in my lifestyle.

1. Crispy Pata – I only recently “discovered” the joy that is crispy pata. Like with a number of other dishes, this one relies heavily on the sauce as much as it does on the course itself which makes it doubly enjoyable at times. But I have always skipped it until recently because it looks too troublesome to chop and eat. How I wish I enjoyed it more when I was younger and not when I’m starting to get headaches when I eat too much fatty food.

2. Chicharon (deep fried pork skin) – I’ve never really enjoyed chicharon until, like said, I discovered that I get headaches eating fatty food. I guess I just loved it more because of the “taboo” effect.

3. Sweets – I have a sort of sweet tooth. I don’t always crave for chocolates and sweets, but when I do, I can’t stop having frequent, tiny servings for days (much like a kid). And this isn’t limited to solid food. I also feel craving for sweet drinks like chocolate shakes and milkshakes. This wouldn’t be as bad if my grandfather didn’t die of diabetis. And my mom’s side of the family are all showing symptoms of the deadly disease.

4. Rice – There was a point in my life when I ate rice like crazy. It allowed me to gain weight (coupled with quitting smoking) to normalize my BMI as I was on the underweight category for most of my younger years. These days, there are still times when I eat rice like there’s no tomorrow. But being at risk of diabetes, I can’t have all the extra rice I want anymore. Bummer when I’m at Mang Inasal or Tokyo Tokyo.

5. Cheese – I love absolutely anything with cheese, provided it doesn’t have too much plants in it too. For me, cheese goes with almost any food. And you can double any cheese amount on any recipe with cheese for me, no problem. Hell, when I was a kid, I used to eat plain cheese as a snack! But having no regular exercise, I know the cholesterol will catch up with me sooner or later. So, I try to cut down on my cheese consumption too.

Now this is not to say my eating habits are totally screwed. I do have some good qualities. I have a good intake of fluids – I love drinking water. So that means I pee a lot too. I know that’s good cause it cleans the internals regularly. I don’t consider myself a heavy eater. I think my meal size is just right for my body size, albeit it doesn’t contain greens.

Sooner or later, I really plan to change. I want to atleast go jogging regularly or get on a treadmill. I don’t want to have to go and have a low carb candy someday. I have tried to get some greens in my diet before but it just doesn’t work. My body just rejects fruits and vegetables. So God help me, I hope soon I’ll be able to get healthier eating habits and a healthier lifestyle in general.

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  1. Even when I was young, I avoided foods like that, or if cannot be avoided I eat them in a moderate amount only. I want to enjoy them for the next years I’ll live.