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How To Feel Rich In An Instant!

Here’s how to feel like one of those wealthy buisenessmen chilling in their estate -any time! And the best part is, you probably got everything you’ll need to do so.

All we need is:

*** A computer with Internet connection.

That’s it.

What you need to do:

1) Go to any media-playing website. (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc…)

2) Find some nice jazz music. (I recommend Turnabout Jazz Soul – Track 8 – Godot – The Fragrance of Dark Coffee)

3) Find some nice ambient background music. (I recommend RainyMood)

4) Find some nice background video. I recommend searching for “fireplace” on YouTube. If your computer and Internet connection are capable of streaming in HD, please do so.

5) Play the music and the video (preferably full screen) at the same time. If you’re using a laptop, place your laptop in a nice place in the room like where you would like to have a roaring fireplace, if possible.

6) Get a (preferably hard) drink, sit back and relax!

Of course (2)(3) and (4) can be changed to whatever suits your personality and mood. Skip (6) and this is a great way to set the mood when doing homework or office work.

Even better, you can opt to download this media and have them play on your iPod or your phone anytime. If you have audio / video know-how, you can slap them together in a single video file for convenience.

This also works great when setting the mood for a romantic dinner/evening at home or when you are away on your vacation at a hotel.

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