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“Cheesy Pinoy Pick Up Lines”, my traffic, keywords and tips

This is a personal blog. Though I have tried to hi-jack a some keywords on this blog’s early life, I eventually decided to stop doing so. Or at least to minimize it because the domain is my full name. I want it to reflect me above anything else and not just some popular phrase totally unrelated to me.

Cheesy pinoy pickup lines is not an SEO post. It’s more of a personal post because I actually like those funny pick-up lines. I never imagined that it will blow up like that. It led me to create follow-up posts with more pick-up lines. The next one, Even More Cheesy Tagalog Pickup Lines, became an even bigger hit. The original post how has 160,000+ page views and counting while the follow-up has more than 180,000+ and counting. The second one got its views in a shorter period. For some reason, the Google really loved it.

My posts were practically the only posts appearing on the search engines regarding the subject. That’s why my traffic increased dramatically. Considering the facts that this is not an SEO blog, it doesn’t get updated often, there are relatively few backlinks (except for link exchanges), the content is nothing out of the ordinary and I don’t blog walk, it’s really awesome that there was a point that I was getting more than 2,000 views daily.

Cheesy Pinoy Pickup Lines

I was constantly in the top 20 blogs of for months. My live traffic widget (I removed it) showed new visitors every minute.

I guess my “public stats” attracted the attention of other bloggers. Today, even though my posts are on the first page for keywords similar to “cheesy pinoy pick-up lines”, I am seldom on the first place like I always was. I don’t blame them, though. I do the same thing. If you see a good keyword, you hi-jack it. Simple. No one owns a monopoly on keywords and no one has the right to get mad or anything like that.

The weird thing is that my “fall” didn’t happen slowly like the increase of my traffic did. I experienced a sharp decline on one specific day and bounced back. It’s like the search engines just decided to hate one day. I don’t remember doing anything particularly significant prior except that I don’t update frequently.

Anyhow, here are some tips if you happen to hit that “magical” keyword :

— Protect your traffic stats. Think twice before you put anything that will reveal your traffic and/or keywords on your blog. They may offer instant gratification when you open your website from anywhere and they may be more convenient than “private” tools like Google Analytics but you are also essentially revealing your bread and butter if you use them -especially “live traffic” and “how many are online” tools. You will attract the eyes of ther keyword-hunter (i.e. competition)!

If you do decide to disclose your traffic stats, get ready for tougher competition.

— Capitalize on your keyword. If you hit a jackpot keyword, analyze. See if it’s beneficial to create follow-up posts or create a new blog or website for the keyword all-together. Check and see if the keyword will still be hot in the near and distant future.

— Capture your traffic. Make sure that you have a way to “capture” the incoming flood of views. You should have RSS feeds / email subscription options, Facebook Like buttons (for pages), Twitter “Follow Me” buttons and whatever else to capture your visitors. This will enable you to tap on that audience in the future.

— Turn your visitors into promoters. Encourage your visitors to share your content. Ensure that they can at least “Like” and “Tweet” your post. Those two are the most important. Any other sharing tools are optional.

Those simple things are pretty basic if you’re a blogger but it’s worth knowing or remembering. Happy blogging! 🙂

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