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7-11’s “Donation”

The popular convenience store 7-11 drew mixed reactions in the relief efforts for the devastated people of Cagayan De Oro.

On behalf of our fans, we are donating P10 for every new like, up to 1 Million Pesos. You can help by liking our page, and hitting the ‘share’ button.


That’s posted on their Facebook wall as part of their “corporate social responsibility.”

For me, this is done in really bad taste. I see it as “we have the money to help save people’s lives BUT we’ll hold on to it and let people die of hunger and/or sickness until our marketing goal is met.” It all looks like just a marketing strategy, then they claim to be “good people” because “they helped.”

If they have the money, why not donate it NOW!?

Did I LIKE the page and share the info? HELL NO. My morals is worth more than ten fucking Pesos. I’ll donate on my own and urge people to donate through different channels and not be a part of this whole 7-11 marketing campaign. Why they chose to advertise in this dire time and take advantage of the situation, I’ll never know.

Helping out?

Furthermore, no one should feel guilty for not “liking” their page. I saw a lot of comments saying that they just did it to help out. Bullshit. If people really wanted to help out, there are tons of ways. “Liking” 7’=11’s page only adds another 10 Pesos to the so-called donation. You can donate much more than that on your own using your cellphone! Don’t tell me these people can’t spare 15 or 20 Pesos for CDO and Iligan. If they have the means to get on Facebook, I trust they have at least 10 pesos to spare. “Liking” 7-11’s page for the sake of helping is just showing how cheap and/or lazy you are. They “like” the page and tell themselves and other that they helped. Also, not participating in this bullshit doesn’t mean I don’t want to help out!

Some supporters are also saying that 7-11 is doing this to help spread the word and get more people involved. Bullshit. People can just share the status itself if spreading the word is really the goal. They shouldn’t be required to “like.”

It’s also possible that this money is part of their marketing budget. If so, they should have said so. It would have been better that way. At least they are not claiming that they’re this extremely generous corporation. I fee that they’re gonna get more complaints like complaints.

Because of this, I will boycott 7-11. I don’t care if they’re open 24/7 and it’s convenient. They just lost a customer.

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