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Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro First Impressions

I just got a new phone after I decided to say goodbye to My LG KM555.

First, a few pieces of info about the Xperia Mini Pro – (and why the long, funky name)

Xperia is Sony’s line of Smartphones with Android OS. (the flagship of course being Xperia Arc)

Mini becuase it’s a smaller version of “standard sized” Smartphones

Pro indicates a QWERTY physical version of a phone. This is not brand specific. For example, Samsung also has “pro” phones on their Galaxy line.

I bought the white version of the phone which gives it a nice, clean look out of the box.

Even though the phone is short in terms of height and width, it makes up for its thickness. Holding the phone feels really solid and secure, no fear of slipping here.

The physical and touch QWERTY keyboard is awesome. While nothing will ever replace the physical numerical keypad that we grew up on for texting for many, this system is a welcome change considering you (probably) won’t find physical numerical keypad on Smartphones. (But I swear to God, when I find an Android phone with full touchscreen and physical numerical keypad, I’ll get it in a heartbeat!) The on-screen numerical keyboard can also be used for texting but it’s a far cry from a physical keypad if you’re looking for that experience.

Screen is awesome. Yes, it’s a little small to fully appreaciate the Android experience but then again, it’s a mini. The screen is very responsive so far and no problems whatsoever.

The Android experience. This is the meat of the matter for me. I’ve always been curious how Android works and feels like. Now I find out that It. Is. Awesome. Having been an iOS user for the last three years, using Android feels like opening a door to a whole new world. Granted, it does come with its shortcomings. Android feels very confusing for a first-timer. I consider myself a fairly tech savvy person and even I got confused with the navigation, file system and other little things. But don’t fret, after spending 10 minutes with your new Android device, everything will start to feel natural. Getting confused for a few minutes is no excuse to keep yourself from experiencing such an awesome mobile OS.

(this is not a paid ad / post for Android. LOL!)

Sadly I can’t comment on the online experience of the device because my home WiFi sucks.

The device isn’t perfect however. Right now, I already found a few (albeit small) things I hate about the it.

The cover for the USB port is a resealable-type plastic-attached lid. It’s attached to the phone via a very small, thin delicate piece of plastic. If you charge your phone often, you know the cover will come off in a few months.

There is no dedicated music button.

The camera can’t be accessed via the shutter button.

Bloatware – the device comes with a TON of bloatware – several pages worth! And I hate the fact that I can’t remove some of them immediately.

No other lock button – I can’t lock the screen unless I wait for it to time out or I press the power key. My other phone’s power key nearly got busted after repeated pressing. I don’t want the same thing to happen to this device.

No other unlock button – I also don’t like the fact that you can ONLY unlock the screen via the Power and Home button. As if those buttons aren’t used enough already. I want to be able to unlock the screen by pressing other buttons.

But definitely, this is a recommended purchase if you’re looking for a budget smartphone.

More Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro posts to follow.

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