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Where To, This Summer?

I’ve always wanted to travel. But for some reason, I never get to. But this summer, I’m finally doing it! – by hook or by crook.

I want to go to different places in the country. We have lots of beautiful beaches in the country. Too bad I’m not much of a beach bum. I don’t really have what you call a beach body and I can’t swim. Thus, my lack of fondness towards water-based recreation. But I really would like to travel. The furthest I’ve gone from my home is Baguio. Too bad I was just 10 years old then, I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the trip. But now that I’m older, I want to re-live the experience.

One of the reasons I don’t really get to travel is all the planning involved. I just want to pack, hop on the car and get there. I envy people who has the patience for planning and everything. I also need a good travel guide in the Philippines. I like to explore new places but I don’t really like to do it alone. I’m not that adventurous. Also, I have a terrible sense of direction. I get lost easily. I don’t like that.

Anyway, this summer I want to go up north to Sagada. I want to see the hanging coffins and take pictures. I hear people say it’s beautiful up there. I’ve seen a few Facebook friends post pictures from their Sagada trip and I really want to go there. Down south, I want to visit three particular places. Cebu, Palawan and Bohol. Most of these ideas I got from Facebook. When I see friends post pictures of places they visited, it makes me want to go there. So this means I’m gonna need a good Bohol travel guide. But by any means, I promise myself that I’ll travel at least once this summer! Wish me luck.