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Error 50 on Canon EOS 500D | Kiss X3 | Rebel T1i

I miss my camera. It’s been been broken for two months now. I’m getting an Error 50 when I take pictures. The camera takes the picture and it saves it in the memory card but you have to turn it off and back on to proceed.

What happened?

Actually, this isn’t the first problem I had with my camera. My lens gave in first. My stock 18-55mm kitlens broke down and decided it didn’t want to auto-focus anymore. But at least it was still working perfectly, save for the auto-focus issue. Furthermore, I had another lens I could use. We have a 28-80mm lens from our old film SLR (Canon EOS 500) that works perfectly with my Canon EOS 500D. It doesn’t focus as fast, has no IS and is not as wide but it does work perfectly and is significantly longer than my kitlens. I didn’t really mind having a broken kitlens, I can have it repaired when I have the money and also, I was planning to buy a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens.

Error 50 on Canon EOS 500D | Kiss X3 | Rebel T1i

After a few weeks of using the 28-80mm lens, I got the dreaded Err 50. It happened at a resort as we were swimming. Take note that the camera never got wet. And though it has been stored in an airconditioned room during the hot summer, I made sure the its bag had plenty of dessicant to avoid moisture and possible fungus.

Canon defines Error 50 as:

Malfunctions related to the electric control have been detected.

So far I’ve tried the following fixes:

  • Power cycle
  • Removing the battery
  • Formatting the memory card
  • Using a different memory card
  • Shooting in different modes
  • Using a different lens
  • Updating the camera firmware
  • Using an eraser to “clean” the metal contacts on the lens and camera body

None worked. So if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them. You can contact me or leave a comment. At this point, it looks like my only option is to take this thing to a Canon service center.

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  1. Hi. I have the same problem. This error msg appears when i try to use the incorporated flash. I think the problem would be solved replacing the battery.
    When i try to charge the battery, the light of the charger remains on for a few seconds and then it turns off. So i think the problem may be caused bu a dead battery.

    1. I got my camera repaired at an authorized Canon shop in Dubai. It’s working perfectly now. It costed me a whopping 10-15k Php if I remember correctly. What’s worse is that they can’t tell me what caused the problem and how to prevent it in the future. Good luck with your 500D. 🙂