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New Blogs!

Following the concept of niches, I have decided to create new blogs, each one catering to a majority of stuff I am writing about. I realized a while ago that its a little weird to write about making money online and music and other stuff all in one blog. This will be my very personal […]

Why Is Tumblr Popular Again? (rant)

I don’t get Tumblr. I have no idea why it’s so damn popular. And I consider myself an Internet guy. I easily take a liking to almost anything and everything online. I think it’s cause I see Tumblr like it’s just another fad. It’s something that’ll die down eventually. Yes you see cool shit on […]

Finally approving 3-month old comments

Finally got around to approving old comments. Most of these are from the pick-up lines posts, or more specifically, almost all of them. Some are blatant link building strategies. There are about 4 of those comments. Most of these are most likely going to a new post. And surprisingly, most of them are also “offensive” […]