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Double Standards in Media? When Traditional Media “Borrows” Content From New Media

I was watching Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho one Saturday evening when they did a story on how popular the song “Call Me Maybe” is. I noticed that they used several clips from YouTube showcasing different versions of the hit song. This got me wondering.

Traditional media is very, very strict when anything on TV is distributed on the Internet. They strike fast and they strike hard. They take down videos and terminate accounts in a blink of an eye.

But why are they so carefree when they use content that from the Internet? I asked Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho’s Twitter account (which they promote on TV) if the show asks for Youtube users’ permissions when they use their content. The question went unanswered.

Why is it ok for TV to “grab” content from the Internet but not the other way around? The “Call Me Maybe” segment on the show used several videos. More than half of the content needed for the segment was from the Internet and they got it for “free.” Somehow, if they put “Courtesy Youtube_username” on the video, they think it’s ok.

I don’t think it’s protected under Fair Use. CC Fair Use policy (if it’s even applicable in the PH) specifically mentions that usage must not be for commercial purposes.

I smell double standards.

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