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NAME.COM Nightmare

I recently tried to experiment with my new web host and I got a not-so-good result.

I bought a hosting plan from BlueHost for a project that I started. Along with it, I also bought a new domain from my registrar of choice –

I used to like but this recent experience is seriously making me consider moving all my domains when I renew them.

What happened?

While waiting for my new domain to point to my host, I decided to create a subdomain for and install WordPress. In short, my domain ( will still be hosted here on Blogger but my new subdomain ( will be hosted in BlueHost.

All I needed to do (supposedly) is just create a new A record within with my desired subdomain and point it to BlueHost’s server. I did that and was able to add the subdomain in my BlueHost cPanel with no problems. WordPress was running within minutes. I enjoyed re-visiting WordPress’s back-end and playing with its new features.

But to my disappointment, my domain ( suddenly got parked! is suddenly redirecting to SEDOParking. I immediately created a support ticket in Adding insult to injury, I get a feeling that Support is not online 24/7. They only replied during US daytime to my tickets. This is really annoying since every passing minute that my website is down is crucial.

Moving forward, told me that my DNS records were wrong. This was quite a surprise as I followed Google and their (’s) instructions carefully when I initially set up my domain. And it has been working perfectly for over a year. All I did was add an “A” record pointing to BlueHost (for the subdomain) and removed it when was parked.

*note: I was able to create subdomains in the past with no problems. However, they were also hosted on Blogger.

As an initial resolution, support removed all my A records and just left the CNAME record. It looked fine at first. got back online. But not without problems. When I tried visiting my website (or any internal pages) without the WWW prefix, I got directed to my custom 404 page.

I had to wait another 24 hours for them to completely fix the issue. As of time of writing, it looks like the domain issue is resolved. They added a new “A” record. But it’s different from the one given by Google. I don’t mind that it’s different though, as long as it works.

However, I’m not closing my ticket as I want clear instructions directly from a person (and not a FAQ) on how to create a sumdomain and host it somewhere other than where the domain is hosted.

Look at what happened to my traffic for that day:

Traffic Drop

Boom! 15 visits. LOL

But more importantly, I’m more worried about SEO. Given how often Google crawls websites these days, it can be a bit scary to think of what they may do to my rankings if they can’t “find” my website for extended periods of time.

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