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A List

This is a list. (yes, I’m still alive)

1. Adidas Superstar. I have an emotional attachment to this particular pair of shoes. In the exact same color like the ones I used to have plus pure white ones.

2. Galaxy Tab 2.0 10-inch, white, Wifi + 3G variant. Life would be so much easier. 16gb will do, but 32gb is better.

3. Undecided laptop model. Depends on when I actually do, but it has to be white.

4. Camera repairs or a new body + 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. Kit lens is a must-repair. But the body is on a san-mas-makakamura basis. Plus bokeh lens of course.

5. Earphones and speakers. I want a good pair of earphones. I mean really good. When I say good, I don’t mean popular. I mean good. Plus good portable speakers like the ones I used to have.

6. TV? Maybe.

7. Car. Every male wants to have his own car before he turns thirty.

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