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Shopping at Lazada

I recently bought a few stuff from Lazada. The experience was very pleasant.

I am no stranger to online shopping. I’ve bought stuff locally and from abroad. But there are a few things that set Lazada apart from other online shopping options – Cash On Delivery and Free Delivery. –two things that you will seldom see from other online merchants.

Aside from these two amazing services offered by Lazada, they also have a huge marketplace. I mean huge. They have clothes, gadgets, home appliances, baby products, toys and practically everything.


Within one and a half months of my return in the country, I have already bought five items from Lazada – all of which were delivered promptly.

First I bought two 7-inch tablets with the Cash On Delivery option. The items were delivered two days after my order. Next I bought another 7-inch tablet. It was delivered in the same swift manner.

Next I bought a 1-TB external Hard Drive with using the installment payment option. Minutes later, I also decided to buy a high-capacity power bank. This time, I used the credit card option (full payment). Oddly enough though, the power bank was delivered first after two days. The external hard drive was delivered one day later. I guess they needed the extra time to process the installment option. I’m not complaining though, I don’t mind waiting for something delivered for free a day or two longer.

They also provide tracking information. If you’re obsessively particular about your shipment, you can check this out. But in my experience, the package takes faster to get to the customer than the time it takes the courier’s website to be updated.

Also, all of my orders were placed after lunch time. Who knows, maybe if you order before lunch, you might get your product the next day. I’m just speculating, though.

One more important thing, if you’re not subscribed to their newsletter yet, subscribe now and you get a 200-Peso voucher you can use on your next purchase.

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