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Going Green

Brought to you by your friends at Green Deal Company

Have you ever thought of going green? That is trying to save up on your electric bills while also helping the environment. If you have not heard of this before, this must be something for you to consider. If you have heard of this and are on the fence, you might want to lean more towards realizing your plan. If you are worried of the challenges, there are tons of help you can find everywhere like government grants for solar.

There is also Green Deal Scheme. They offer several improvement types like

Air Source Heat Pumps
Cavity Wall Insulation
Condensing Boilers – Efficient Oil and Gas Boilers
Double Glazing Window Insulation
Flat Roof Insulation
Green Lighting
Ground Source Heat Pumps
Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)
Heating Controls
Insulated Doors
Loft Insulation
Micro Combined Heat and Power System
Micro power generation
Roof Insulation
Solar Panels
Solar Water Heating
Solid Wall Insulation
Underfloor Heating
Waste Water Heat Recovery

They have deals for home-owners, tenants and businesses. They have qualified assessors to ensure you get the perfect fit for your needs. With them you can save money, improve your quality of life and help the environment. The service pays for itself with the money you save from the energy bills. This means that in the long run, you save more money every month.

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