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tribulant gallery slideshow

7 Ways To Improve The Tribulant Gallery Plugin

tribulant gallery slideshow
tribulant gallery slideshow
As much as I love the Tribulant Gallery Plugin, here are a few areas of improvement I found to make it the absolute best ever image gallery plugin ever.

1. Smarter cropping – there should be options on how to crop images.

2. Swipe / drag thumbnail control – On the PC, when I drag across the thumbnails, it should scroll to the appropriate direction. On touch devices, a swipe would do the same.

3. Swipe scrolling on the image – on touch devices, scrolling left and right an image should scroll to the next or previous picture.

4. Thumbnail follow – when I scroll through the gallery, the thumbnails should follow scrolling too.

5. Thumbnail scroll control – there should be a selection whether I want to to scroll through the thumbnails by hovering on the arrow buttons on either end or by clicking on them.

6. Thumbnail location control – I should be able to place the thumbnail on either side of the gallery and not just on the top or bottom.

7. Loading indicator – when I click on the image, there should be an indicator that the image has started to load. Fast clickers like me are left wondering whether we have clicked the image or not in cases wherein the image does not load instantly.

Having said these, Tribulant is still by far my favorite Image Gallery Plugin for WordPress. With Metaslider on a close second. I only skipped on Metaslider because it didn’t have thumbnail and lightbox features.

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