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Chalebrations: Website Re-launched!

Chalebrations remains to be one of my special clients.

Back when I was new to the field, Chalebrations was the first to trust me to create their website for them and do SEO (search engine optimization). And they were not wrong to do so. To this day, Chalebrations remains as the top Google search result for searches related to event planners in the province of Batangas. This translates to dozens of visitors a day which in turn leads to leads and eventually to paying clients.

After years of tweaking a few things here and there in the website, this year Chalebrations decided to do major improvements. For one, the website is now responsive. Back in 2011, website responsiveness was something that was just nice-to-have. Today, it’s practically a requirement. So to keep up with the times, Chalebrations is now fully responsive. On top of that, new pictures and videos of the team and clients are added. All information are kept up-to-date. I included client feedbacks and well-wishes. Also included now is a detailed description of the services they offer. The contact form is now more extensive and detailed for the comfort and convenience of both Chalebrations and its clients. A new and updated image slider of previous clients is also found on the website’s header.


Do you want the Chalebrations treatment? 🙂 Just contact me and let’s talk.

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