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Jovita Cafe in Batangas City

The port city’s latest offering just opened to serve you. 🙂

jovita cafe coffee cupJovita Cafe is the latest Resto slash coffee place in Batangas City. Conveniently located near Batangas City port, it caters mainly to guests of nearby hotels and inns. It is also serves as an awesome hangout place for students and faculty of the main campus of Batangas State University, which is also just a few steps away.

Recently opened in December of 2014, Jovita Cafe is fast becoming a destination for coffee drinkers and food lovers alike.

Jovita Cafe offers a wide variety of food and drinks. They offer hot and cold coffee, frapp and even milk tea. They also offer hot meals like pasta, burgers, sadwiches and more. They are the first resto in Batangas City (and perhaps the province) to offer Bagels:

jovita cafe bagel burger

Some more of their menu items:

jovita cafe sandwich 02 jovita cafe sandwich jovita cafe spaghetti jovita cafe carbonara jovita cafe open face sandwich jovita cafe salad

Below is Jovita Cafe’s current menu (Feb 2015).

jovita cafe menu 01 jovita cafe menu 02 jovita cafe menu 03 jovita cafe menu 04 jovita cafe menu 05

Be sure to always drop-by or check their Facebook Page for new menu offerings.

How to get there:

Google Maps coordinates:
13.756577376471, 121.05193008588
(open in Google Maps)

Jovita Cafe offers a spacious parking area.

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