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7 Ways To Have More Free Time When Running A Business

7 Ways To Have More Free Time When Running A Business
7 Ways To Have More Free Time When Running A Business

FACT: 24 hours in a day is not enough for most business owners.

Running a business can be is a gruelling task. Non-business owners may think that it’s all rainbows and sunshine and that business owners have full control over their schedule. This can’t be farther from the truth. Running a business demands you to work based on schedules and situations that are well beyond your control. This is because many of the tasks you need to accomplish will need you to interact with another party – be it a client, a government agency, a supplier, etc… And you simply can’t impose your personal schedule and conveniences to these parties. Government agencies have their schedule that you have to follow. Clients and other suppliers have things they have to do, too. Often, the best case scenario would be meeting them in the middle.

But even so, this doesn’t mean that all free time is lost for business owners. Here are some tips to help free up your tight schedule while making sure that you get everything done.


1. Cut back on Social Media

You do not need to like or comment to everything your friends post. You don’t even need to see every selfie they take, every meal they’re about to have and every #ootd that they wear. If you don’t use social media to run your business, I’d even go as far as saying you don’t even need to check account everyday. If you need to get in touch through Facebook, use and stay away from your newsfeed.


2. Master the Art of Email

Learn how to write professional emails. Avoid unneeded exchanges by ensuring that you have asked all the questions you need to ask or that you have answered all inquiries in one message. Your message should be complete but it should also be as short as possible. Use bullet points and numbered lists over paragraphs.


3. Master the Art of Meetings

Have a meeting flowchart. When I was starting out, I was “winging” meetings. This led to unnecessarily long conversations. Worse, I sometimes forget to discuss important items during the meeting. Don’t let this happen to you.

After your exchange of pleasantries and some small talk, quickly get down to business. Make sure you cover all important topics that you need to discuss. Rapport and personal connection can be established more after you have settled all important topics. If the client is open to casual chit-chat and you have the time, you can engage in open conversation at the later part of the meeting.


4. Reduce Your Number of “Nights Out”

Yes, everyone needs to unwind once in a while. But if you find that you’re always running out of time to accomplish everything you need to do, take a step back and look at your schedule. How many nights have you gone out during the last two weeks? Did you absolutely need to go out in every single situation? Did staying out late affect your mood, energy and performance the following day? Check if it’s time you just stay at home and get a good night sleep.


5. Hire Someone

If find that you’re always too busy, business might be growing. It may be too much for you alone to handle. Don’t be afraid of the thought of added expenses. Study your situation carefully. Be open to hiring people and delegating some of your tasks to them. An added expense is far better than what can happen if you are reluctant to hire help – a) your service will be affected, and this will result to poor customer/client satisfaction, b) you burn out and get sick resulting in your business halting for a few days or worse, you incur more expenses in the hospital.


6. Do Not Chase Dead Leads

When a lead has gone cold, there is very little you can do to convert it so stop beating a dead horse. Not all of your leads will convert into sales. Even the most enthusiastic potential buyers disappear instantly and completely with no warning. Learn to let go and move on to the next hot lead.

The only valid reason for you to chase a dead lead is if they went with another service provider and if they would be nice enough to tell you why. You can use this information to improve your services. Otherwise, just forget about it and move on.


7. Have a Website

One of the advantages of having a website is it saves you time. You can avoid unnecessary phone calls, texts, emails and chat conversations by placing all important information about your business in your website. Make sure everything is online so that the only time a client calls you is when they are ready to buy or at least they are ready to set a meeting.


Be sure to apply these methods and you’ll surely have more free time in your hands. You’ll be able to spend more time with your family and friends.

So how do you hack your schedule to get more time out of day? How do you squeeze in more work without compromising other areas of your life? Share in the comments below.

7 Ways To Have More Free Time When Running A Business

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