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7 Small Talk Topics You Can Use During Client Meetings

Small Talk Topics You Can Use During Client Meetings
Small Talk Topics You Can Use During Client Meetings

For outgoing business owners, client meetings can be a lot of fun. But for introverts, nothing is more dreadful than having to engage in awkward small talk.

Client relations is very important when running a business. Before you even have a chance to prove to them that you can walk the walk, you have to show them that you can talk the talk. Sure it’s easy to discuss important topics regarding your business during the meeting, you’re supposed to do that. But in order to maximize client satisfaction, you have to engage in some small talk.

Here are some topics you can use to break the ice –

  1. The drive/trip to your meeting place/office.
  2. Ask them how they found your business.
  3. Talk about common friends or acquaintances.
  4. The weather (so American).
  5. Ask them where they live or what province they’re from.
  6. Talk about any striking characteristic that they may have like a tattoo or an unusual hairstyle.
  7. Any current trend or news

Another technique would be to place an ice breaker in your office. Use something like an odd painting or a weird paper weight. Just have something that will spark interest in your client.

It’s also a very useful technique to be observant during the meeting if you can pick up possible conversation topics like a similar hobby. Listen carefully for previous schools or places of work that you might have in common. You can also talk about your friends or family with whom they have something in common.

In the same way, there are also topics from which I’d recommend business owners to stay away. But that’s a list for another day.

So how about you? What’s your favorite ice breaker?

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