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3 Things All Small Business Websites Should Have

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The following is a list of everything your small business website should have. It’s not enough that your website is online. It should have all the important information and functionalities that you need to showcase your products and services and to connect with your customers. If you’re not maximizing the potential of your website, you’re just wasting money with the fee you pay your developer and your domain name and hosting.

Here is a small list of all the items small business websites should have.


1. An Attractive Homepage

This is generally the first thing that everyone sees. Make it a good one. This is your website’s face. Make sure it looks as good as possible. Even if you have amazing and helpful content tucked inside your website, it won’t matter if visitors immediately click away because they are turned off by your homepage.


2. A Clear Display Of What You Offer

I saw a website whose banner sliders contained images of strong industrial themes – heavy equipment, welding sparks , and the like. It was surely eye-catching and attention-grabbing, though a bit generic. The sliders were coupled with strong and catchy tag lines and phrases of how “strong” and “reliable” they are. As I scrolled down, the general look and feel of the website was continuously visible. And to be fair, it was beautifully designed as well. There was just one BIG problem – it was never clear what product or service they offer. I spent a few minutes in the homepage looking for relevant words or materials to find out what the company is about. I found nothing. I had to dig deep in the internal pages to see what services they offer.

Aside from being catchy, beautiful and attention-grabbing, your website should always show what kind of services or products you are offering. Always keep your visitors informed not that just you are good, but what you are good at.

I swear, in the example I mentioned above, the homepage could have passed for a contractor or heavy equipment rentals company. But as it turns out, it’s a website for a software and consulting company offering enterprise solutions.

A complete list of ALL your products and services should be found in the website; if not in the homepage, it should be elegantly displayed in an internal page or as a downloadable file.


3. Contact Information

You’d think this is a no-brainer and doesn’t even need to be mentioned. But I am still seeing business websites where contact information is literally non-existent in 2016. Yes, in 2016. Needless to say, provide a way to contact you in your website. Put a valid and working phone number and email address that you regularly check. Better yet, put a contact form in your website.

But taking it a step further, aside from having your contact information displayed, make it so that your website visitors will want to contact you. Place at least your contact phone number and email address site-wide, probably somewhere in the footer or header. Make sure they are visible, readable and they stand out.



In my opinion, these are the most basic items all small business websites should have. Everything else are great-to-have but these three are the absolute key components. If you don’t have these, might as well take your website down and go back to the old days of offline marketing.

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