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Stay At Sea Spring Resort at Mabini, Batangas

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to stay at a client’s resort in Mabini, Batangas. The family and I stayed for a night at Sea Spring Resort. It was just in time, too as it was the summer season.

Getting There

Drive from the city was ok. Though fairly far, it is relatively easy to get to since there are no confusing forks along the way. You follow Waze and wait until you reach your destination. It’s that simple. Waze made us take the shorter route which is a left turn on the first and only significant fork you’ll have to make upon entering the town of Mabini. The distance is closer but the path is less ideal as it had steep roads similar to that of Talisay’s path to Tagaytay (Tanuan to Tagaytay). Aside from the steep climbs, you’ll also encounter a few uneven roads which are not good for longer vehicles. It is recommended to take the right turn on the aforementioned fork and take the longer but smoother route.

Directions to Sea Spring Resort

The Stay

The drive didn’t help the fact that I was feeling a little sick at the time. My body was already feeling heavy when I woke up that day and I had to work a full shift before driving to the resort. When I got there, my temperature was a little high; I had a slight fever. The family and I just went for a quick tour around the resort amenities (which are awesome BTW), took some pictures, had dinner and tucked in for the day.

The next day, I was feeling better but still not at a hundred percent. Still, early that day, we opted to check out the hot spring and go for a quick dip. I was a little reluctant at first since I didn’t really know if a hot bath would make me feel better or worse. But I thought to myself that if worse comes to worst, my wife can drive us home 😛 So we went in for it. And holy smokes was it the best decision I had made in while! After a quick soak in the hot spring, I felt like I was reborn. No kidding, I felt perfectly well and energized. It feels like taking strong pain medication when your entire body is sore, but this all natural and won’t kill your liver. I regretted not dipping in the previous day the minute we checked in.

I was fully energized for the meeting I had next. I was able to drive home with no problems taking the farther but better route.

Too bad we were not able to try the sauna and the regular swimming pool due to lack of time. Next time, we’ll plan our trip better.

Granted, I still did not recover completely that day. But it was my fault. I pushed myself. After resting for a few hours at home, we went to a family event to Laguna which was a good 2-hour drive to-and-from.

Overall Experience

If anything, it was a big healing and wellness experience for me. I’ve seen hot springs in TV and movies countless times but I never realized how therapeutical they were. Now I have first-hand proof.

Visit Sea Spring Resort for yourself and experience its healing touch. It’s only a few hours away from the Metro. They also have trekking and diving among other activities.

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