9 Reasons Why You Need A Website NOW

The Philippines has 47 million Internet Users.

Some business owners, especially the older ones, tend to ignore the importance of having a website for their business. At this day and age, it’s not a question if you need a website. If you run a business, the answer is YES. Period. Here are some reasons why:

1. Always Online

Your website will be online 99.99% of the time. People can review your products and services whenever they want. Flyers and print ads get lost. Radio and TV ads only last for a few seconds then they’re most likely forgotten. Your website will always be there 24/7. It is a working literally all. the. time.

2. Your Competition Already Has A Website

If you don’t have a website yet, you’re lagging behind. In your potential client’s mind, you are still in the stone age. Your competition is already embracing new technology and you’re still stuck in the past.

3. It’s An Additional Way To Get In Touch

Phone calls, emails and text messages are still great ways to get in touch. But it would be even greater if you have an additional means of talking with your clients or potential clients. Contact forms can be placed on your website to encourage users to get in touch with you.

4. It Saves You Time (and money!)

Instead of customers calling in and asking you questions about your products and services, they can easily view your website and save both of you time and money. You can focus more on running your business.

5. You Can Stand Out

You have a Facebook Page, your competitor has a Facebook Page. You have an Instagram account, they have an Instagram account. You have a website, they have a website. BUT unlike social media profiles, your website has infinitely more ways to present your business. You can have slideshows, galleries, videos and more. It’s just limited by your imagination.

6. An Additional Layer Of Credibility

Having your own website sends a signal to your potential clients and customers that you are very passionate about your business and your customers. It shows them that you are passionate about providing solutions to their problems. When you hand over your business card and potential clients see that you have a website, you immediately project an image that you and your business are well established and very credible. This shows that you have spent time, money, and effort to build your business and serve your customers. It means you are a serious provider of products and/or services and not just a fly-by-night operation.

7. Easily Update Your Customers

Websites are easily updateable with new content. If you have news, updates or practically anything you want to share, you can update your website literally in minutes. Learning how to create and publish a simple post in WordPress takes literally less than 10 minutes. Actually writing a simple post with a short message takes less than 5 minutes.

8. Additional Source Of Sales

If your product or service can be sold online, you can tap a whole new market of online customers. Websites with “shopping cart” functionalities can be set-up so that you can sell online. Sure, you might need to hire a new employee just to manage online orders. But that’s a small price to pay considering that you may be getting dozens if not, hundreds of additional sales every day.

9. Automate Your Sales Process

If you are manually taking in orders via SMS, phone or chat, you should consider implementing an eCommerce website. It will significantly reduce the friction in the sales process and save you and your customers precious time. It will also allow for a faster order process.

The best time to get a website is NOW. Don’t let your competition steal your business away because they can’t find you online. Contact me today for a free quote.