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Private WordPress Lessons

Private WordPress LessonsGood news! I am offering courses for businesses who want to create their own websites. My goal is to help ALL small to mid-size businesses get their brand online, one way or another.

This is not your typical learn-about-WordPress course. For one, this is a series of one-on-one sessions. I want all my clients to walk away confident that they can create and manage their own websites on their own 100%.

I am covering all aspects of having your own website so that you have full control over all you content and interactions. I will be teaching all the steps I take with each of my projects plus a few more bonuses!


  • Price – a website will cost 600USD (30,000Php) to set-up and get running. This course is a fraction of that price. And your end result can be on par with a professionally made website depending on how much passion and effort you put into it.
  • Complete control – you will have complete control over all your assets and content at all times.
  • Added skill – after you finish this course, you can proudly say that you are able to create a website from scratch up to the final product.
  • Personalized learning – this is a one-on-one course that will move specifically at each client’s pace to maximize learning.

Topics Covered

  • Components of a website
  • Registering your domain name
  • Buying web hosting
  • Managing your domain and web host
  • Installing your CMS
  • Logging-in to your CMS
  • Choosing a theme
  • Adding content (text, pictures, videos)
  • Customizing your website’s looks
  • Adding common functionalities for business websites
    – Contact Form
    – Image gallery
    – Image slider
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Website security
    – Security on the hosting level
    – Using a CDN
    – CMS security


  • One year (.com) domain name registration – 12USD (600Php) value
  • One year web hosting (shared) – 100USD (5,000Php) value
  • One month WordPress consultancy – you can ask me anything about WordPress via email or chat. I will always respond ASAP.

The freebies are optional. You may or may not use them if you want.


I offer two options:

Live face-to-face sessions – We conduct the lesson in an agreed upon location conducive to learning.

eLearning – We conduct the lessons via video call and screen sharing.

Who this is for

This course is for business owners or employees who want to build and maintain their website. This is NOT a crash-course. We will be thorough.

This is NOT for those who want to learn WordPress theme and plugin development. That topic tackles a different area of WordPress that will not be covered in this course.


Pricing is flexible depending on the medium you choose. I always strive to give the best possible price for all my clients. Contact me using the form below so that I can give you the best price.

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This is a 4-5 full-day course depending on your preferred pace and how detailed you want the lessons to be. My main focus is not just to “finish” the lessons, but to ensure that you can build and manage your own website after this course.

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