Refer A Client, Make Some Money

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I am constantly looking for people to help me sell my services. I am even giving away websites for FREE. But if you’re an individual who doesn’t need his own website, let me tell you how we can help each other.



I do not have any special requirements. As long as you are an honest and hard worker and I can send you money via bank deposit or money order, we can work together.

However, it is good if you are creative, friendly and have access to business owners.


What I Need

I need help in selling my web design services.

You need to be creative in looking for potential clients. You can ask your friends and relatives. You can search online business directories. Be resourceful.

Once you have found potential clients, you can approach them. Be friendly and creative when approaching them. First impression is very important. Then explain to them the services that I offer. If they are interested, refer them to me. I will then talk to them and try to close the deal. Do NOT make false promises that we cannot fulfill just to get the sale.


The Services You Will Offer The Client

Website Creation – I create websites for businesses. My starting price is 30,000Php. This is for the most basic and simple website. This includes the web design/development work, one year domain name registration (.com), one year web hosting and promotion through my blog and FB page. All my projects are mobile-responsive. That means their website will look good on phones and tables. I also employ security measures to prevent hacking and malware attacks. The actual price will depend on actual project size and specifications.

Website Maintenance, Management and Redesign – If a client has an existing website, I can do maintenance work for them.

SEO – search engine optimization – If a client has an existing website, I can optimize it so that it will appear on the Google search results.


How Much You Will EARN

For each website creation project I close through your referral, I’ll give you 3,000PHP. You will receive your commission after the client’s website is launched.

For website maintenance, management, redesign and SEO work projects, I’ll give you 500PHP. You will receive your commission after the client’s payment.

Are you interested? CONTACT ME.