Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration

Web hosting domain name registration

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For the best customer experience, I offer web hosting and domain name registration.

I have the first-hand experience of how troublesome it can be to have to speak with several different parties (the web host, the domain name registrar, the website manager, theme/plugin developer, etc…) just to get things done. It’s very frustrating for all parties involved.

To help eliminate this difficulty, I am offering web hosting and domain name registration services (also website management).

This way, I ensure clients that I am a one-stop-shop for them. No longer will you need to speak with several different parties to get things done or fixed on your website. You can just speak to me and I will get things done behind-the-scenes for you, no sweat.

At the same time, I also offer just web hosting and domain name registration services. You can opt to build your own website or have your own team build your website.

I offer an equivalent to a shared web hosting account at a very competitive price. Also, I am not strict with server resources. I do not have a specific quota or number that I set for clients to adhere to; I can extent resources temporarily or permanently without additional charges. Just contact me to discuss this. I can offer a tailor-made and specialized package for each customer.

What about support?

You speak directly to me via the method you prefer. I can be reached via email or IM. How cool is that?

Let’s get started today. Use the contact form to reach me.