Website Maintenance and Management

All websites need regular maintenance and management. Putting up a website and not maintaining it is like buying a car and just leaving it in your garage or buying a house and not living in it. It will just degrade up to the point of being useless.

The following are included in my website maintenance and management services:

Regular Malware and Security Scan

All websites on the Internet are under the threat of being attacked one way or another. They are targeted specifically or are part of widespread, automated attacks.

I can help ensure that your website is well protected.

While no service can claim 100% protection, it just makes good sense to fortify your website to help fend off malicious attacks.

I will place security measures on your website and perform regular scans to help ensure that it is not compromised. In an unfortunate event of a breach, I can perform preliminary diagnostics and fixes.

Regular Update Of Components

Your website is built using WordPress and a variety of plugins. To help combat the security threats mentioned above and to fix bugs, WordPress and the plugins in use are updated regularly.

Outdated components are frequent targets of malicious actors to gain access to your website and its resources.

After an update, there is a small chance that a few things might break. I am always on deck to watch these things and provide fixes.

Downtime Monitoring

I use a variety of manual and automated tools to monitor the uptime status of your website.

In cases where the front-end is down but the back-end is accessible, I perform diagnostics to verify if the website is broken or if the web host is down.

If your website is hosted with me, I immediately investigate the downtimes that I discover and address the issue.

If your website is hosted elsewhere, I will immediately send you a notification when I see that your website is down so that you can get support from your web host.

Regular Backups

I perform regular backups of the entire website regularly depending on each website’s purpose and characteristics.

I store backups on at least three different locations onsite and offsite for redundancy. The clients have access to the latest backups.

Backups are saved and restored in extreme cases when a website is severely broken and fixing is not feasible or when an extreme security issue occurs.

Small Tasks and Fixes

I will also perform minor work and fixes on the website.


Monthly maintenance starts at 5,000Php / month. (100USD / month)