Website Renovation and Rebuild

website makeover philippines

Look old and dated?

Does your website need a makeover?

Is it due for a renovation?

Do you need it to look like 2020?

I will help you.

Let’s fix that

Aside from new website builds from scratch, I can also renovate and rebuild your existing website to make it look modern and attractive.

Subconsciously (or sometimes consciously), website visitors lose confidence on old, clunky-looking websites and thus the business they represent. Do not let this happen to you. Make sure that your website looks up-to-date and modern.

A fresh-looking website inspires confidence in its users. This means more potential leads for your business.

Half-baked project?

Did you have bad luck with a previous service provider? Was your website left half-done?

Sometimes, through the fault of no one, projects take a wrong turn and get canceled or discontinued. Unfortunate things just happen sometimes. This does not mean that the project needs to die forever.

I also help clients whose websites are half-done or unfinished due to different circumstances. I can pick up where a previous left off or start fresh with a new perspective on the project. Together, we can realize your vision for your website and Internet presence.

What I offer

I will renovate and rebuild your existing website according to your specifications. I can also offer recommendations if you are unsure of what approach to take.

We can use your existing content or add/remove content for the rebuild. I will make sure that the structure of your new website will be 100% valid. I will make sure that there will be no broken links and any pages that are removed will be properly redirected to new, relevant pages.