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Find out how you can get a professional website done by a full-time web developer for you, for FREE. No difficult do-it-yourself systems. No ugly templates.

Free Website Inclusions

Free Website Philippines For your free website, you will get the following –

  • a simple yet elegant and complete brochure-type website (~10 web pages)
  • one year of domain name registration (.com)
  • one year web hosting
  • one month free of minor edits, uploads and customizations after the launch

This can be for your business, organization, a personal blog or anything you’d like. I price this at around 30,000 Pesos. But you can get this absolutely FREE.

I promise to give your free website the exact same time, effort and attention that I give to regular clients. This I will guarantee.

If you want a bigger or more complex website, that can also be arranged.


How To Get The Free Website

In return, I only ask that you help me get projects. If you can get me four projects, you will get your free website. It doesn’t have to be from different clients, just as long as we have four projects in total. It’s that simple. As soon as down-payment is made on the last project, I will start working on your website.

This an all-win situation for all involved. You get a free website and you are helping a fellow entrepreneur. With your help, we can both expand our network of contacts.

This is the perfect opportunity you have been waiting for so long. If you have been thinking about getting your own website but don’t have the budget, this is for you.


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