My services are unavailable at the moment except for Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration.

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Full Website Build

I offer full websites built from start to finish delivered to you so that you can focus on building your business. 

I will take care of the first steps up until your website is launched.


Putting up a website and not maintaining it is like buying a car and never having it serviced. It. will. break.

I will backup, update, secure, and monitor your website regularly.

You can have peace of mind that your website is always working in an optimal level.

Web hosting domain name registration


Many customers don’t want the hassle of keeping in touch with several different parties when building and maintaining their website.

This is why I also offer web hosting and domain name registration.

At the same time, I also offer this service on its own.

WordPress Tutorials

I offer three types of lessons:

  1. How To Manage a Website
  2. How To Build a Website
  3. How To Be a Freelance Web Designer

If you are interested in any of the three, just contact me. These will be hands-on, practical, and in-depth one-on-one sessions. I will share how I personally build and manage websites.

Private WordPress Lessons


This is for agencies or other freelancers who are looking to outsource some of their workload.

I have helped agencies and fellow freelancers over the years meet their deadlines with amazing results.

WordPress Website Migration

Looking to move your WordPress website to another location? Let me help.

Your website will be live from the new location in less than 48 hours.

wordpess website migration

Business Partnerships

Have a killer business idea but don’t have the resources for the website or digital infrastructure?

No Problem! I am open to business partnerships! Just hit me up with your idea and we can work out the terms.