How Much Does A Website Cost in the Philippines in 2020?

How Much Does A Website Cost in the Philippines?

How Much Does A Website Cost in the Philippines

One question I always get when I offer my services is How much?

Website pricing is not rocket science. However, it’s so simple either. There are some things to consider.

The website cost will always depend on

  • domain name – the type of extension and the length of registration – usually $11/yr
  • web hosting – what type of hosting you will need – usually $80 – $180 / yr
  • developer’s fee – how much your developer is charging – $5/hr – $100/hr or more depending on your developer’s skill set, experience and geographical location.
  • miscellaneous fees – any other costs depending on what your project attempts to accomplish. This can range from free to costs more than anything else in the project. For the moment, let’s say this is free.

In the Philippines, a very safe estimation of a decent and solid website for small to midsize businesses would start at around $600 or Php30,000 including one year domain name registration and web hosting.



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Website Components

Now let’s discuss a little bit more about each one. These are the basic components of a website.

Domain Name

The domain name is your website’s name on the Internet. It is your .com name (or sometimes, .net or .org or or .ph). For example, for Facebook, it’s, for Google, it’s and so on. For this website, it’s

The domain name has to be bought from a domain registrar.

A typical (.com) domain name costs $11 – $15 USD yearly (plus a few more bucks if you want privacy; by default, your name and some contact info are visible online when you register a domain). Other extensions are cheaper, others more expensive. If you opt to get a .ph or domain name, that’s an additional ~ $20 USD. Some extensions can go as high as $35 USD per year. If someone has unfortunately already bought the domain name you like, your only option is to buy it from them, if they are selling. In which case, they have total control of the price. They can sell it for $1 USD or they can sell it for $1,000 USD. Or they might not want to sell it at all. It’s all up to them.

Web Hosting

Your web hosting is where your content and website files are going to be saved on the Internet. It’s an always-online computer that is connected to the Internet that you “rent” so to speak.

Based on my experience, a reliable web hosting package costs $7 – $15 USD per month or around $80 – 180$ per year. This is a basic package, or what is known in the industry as a “shared” plan/package. And no, your files are not shared with other subscribers nor are they accessible to other subscribers. It just means they are sharing the same resource. Your files are accessible only to you or to anyone you have given permission.

For small to midsize businesses, a shared plan will do most of the time. If you are expecting over 10,000 visits to your website everyday, you have to purchase a “higher” plan.

NOTE Many domain registrars are also web hosting companies and vice-versa. As such, you can purchase both your domain name and web hosting bundled together or separately. If you buy them separately (you can even buy from different companies), you then have to configure them so that your domain name is “mapped” to your web hosting.

Content and Website Files

This is literally your website.

Your content consists of the pictures, write-ups, videos, etc… and anything you want to include in your website. In my case, for the websites I create, all content comes from the client. I just tie them up all together and present them in a pretty way that is easy to understand.

Your website files are the programming files written/created by your developer/designer. These are the HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, etc… files used in order to display your website in a browser. Clients don’t normally care about this.

All these files will have to be saved in your web host. Each time someone types in your domain name in their browser to view your website, these files will be “served” to them.


The developer/designer ties up all the components mentioned above and ensures that your website is displayed on a user’s browser when they type in your domain name. They make sure that everything is working and everything looks great.

How I Price Websites

I price websites based mainly on how long the project will take and how difficult it will be.

Those two things depend on three factors:

  • Amount of content to be worked with
  • Design requirements
  • Functionalities needed

These factors will determine the ultimate factor which will dictate the price – How much time and effort will be needed to create and finish the website?

It’s worth noting that different developers will price the same project differently. Naturally, more experienced professionals will price their time higher than that of a newbie.

My Website “Package”

I really hate to use the term “package” whe I offer my services. I believe that client needs and vision should not be restricted by what a package does or does not include.

The following is the basic inclusions for my base price of 30,000Php. This price will increase accordingly based on the project’s size and complexity.

Let me list and define the items I include in a basic/simple website :

  • 5-10 webpages with around 40 images / 5-10 videos***
  • Basic design and functionality (Write-ups, simple slideshows of pics / videos, contact form, simple Social Media integration)
  • One year domain name (.com) registration (Free and Optional – clients may buy their own)
  • One year basic web hosting (Free and Optional – clients may buy their own)
  • One month free minor revisions, tweaks, bug fixes after website launch
  • Bonus – a feature here on my blog and my Facebook Page with over 2,000 likes.

***Note – I do NOT set a price per webpage. I just use the number of webpages to roughly estimate the amount of content I need to work with. Removing a webpage and appending its contents into another webpage won’t necessarily decrease your project price.
I’ll pay (one year) for the domain name registration and web hosting. I will also take care of the trouble of purchasing the domain name and web hosting. I will take care of mapping the domain name to the web host. Considering the price of web hosting and domain name registration, I think this is a great deal.

The price does NOT include any special functionalities like a Shopping Cart (eCommerce) or Classified Ads. Additional functionalities cost extra.

But then again, I treat each project uniquely. To give you the most accurate pricing, get in touch with me using the form below. Please indicate how much content you want and any special features (if any) you’d like.


Need a website launched soon? – Contact me.



Ready to start? Contact me if you are ready to start your project. Being a one-man team, I can only work with a limited number of clients at a time.

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You now know how much a website should cost. Considering the prices mentioned above, you’ll know to be careful and skeptical when someone offers to create a website for a much lower price. I am not saying it’s not possible, I’m saying there has to be a price paid somewhere else. Corners will be cut. I will discuss this at length in a blog post. Stay tuned.

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Additional Details

It’s impossible for a developer/designer to answer this question without first defining the client’s needs.

I’d like to compare it to having a house built. A contractor can’t say how much a house is going to cost if he doesn’t know what the client wants – how many rooms? how many baths? is there a garage? if so, for how many cars? is there a pool? what will be the floor material? what will be the roofing material? In the same manner, a web designer or web developer needs to define the project specifics first before quoting a price. This is why I hesitate when a prospect asks for a price right off the bat without specifics being drawn out.

Moreover, each client has different wants and needs. Each project has different requirements. I don’t want to give an exact project price outright and then restrict creativity, functionality and content. That just doesn’t seem right.

But to help ease the process, I gave you, as much as I can, a rough estimate of how much a website will cost. I also shared with you a few things that determine how much a website costs in the Philippines.

One of the bases of my price is the amount of content that the client wants me to work with. It’s not so much as the uploading that takes time and effort but organizing, managing and laying-out dozens upon dozens of images, videos and bodies of text is no easy task. Forty (40) images, give or take, across the entire website should be more than enough to impress a website visitor. Besides, it’s quality, not quantity that counts. If a client talks about using fifty pictures or more, I’ll consider raising my price.

Included also in my base price is the domain name and web hosting setup. I will take care of purchasing the domain name and web hosting and setting up the two together. I will pay for these as well. My default time period is one year. If a client brings in their own host and/or domain, that will not affect my price. I offer these items as freebies. Keep in mind that different domain name extensions have different costs. For example, a .ph or domain is around 1,000PHP more expensive than a regular .com domain.

My services are upload-only. I will only be responsible for the yearly renewal of the domain name and web hosting which the client has to pay for (if the client doesn’t have their own). But as a bonus, I give free minor revisions one month after the website launch. This is only for minor design edits and not content upload / revisions. If month-to-month maintenance and management is needed, that can be arranged for a cost.

Updates. You can also can hire me to regularly update content on the website. I can also do design and functionality changes. I will base my recurring fee based on the amount of time needed for the task.

Tutorials. A client has the option to hire me and teach them how to update their website. I usually include short lessons for free. But if a client wants more in-depth tutorials, there are per-hour fees.

It is always best if I can sit down with a client and discuss everything before I give a quote. Go ahead, use the contact form above to get in touch. I’d love to have a chat.



Need a website launched soon? – Contact me.



Ready to start? Contact me if you are ready to start your project. Being a one-man team, I can only work with a limited number of clients at a time.

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