Website Requirements

Website Requirements

The following are required before we begin the project. This is to ensure a smooth and quick design and development process to save you, the client, precious time.

  1. Desired website URL ( Please provide at least three and indicate priority in case your desired name is already taken.
  2. Website structure †††
  3. Websites of your competitors for research
  4. Websites you like in terms of style, branding, color, feel and design.
  5. Pictures, videos and write-ups. Ideally, I would require all materials to be ready before the development process starts. While it’s fine to submit materials at a later date, please remember that any delay will result to a website launch date delay.***

***Keep in mind that when we purchase your domain name and web hosting, we pay for it in full upfront and it will expire on a specific date. Development delays mean you’ve paid for domain name and web hosting day-by-day but your website is not serving its purpose because it’s not live. Ultimately, this means you’re losing money. The longer the delay is, the more money you are losing. So I suggest to get everything ready before I start the design and development process.

††† The website structure shows how many pages you want on your website and what pages.
website structure
I don’t require something so meticulously laid-out. You can just scribble something on a piece of paper and take a picture. But if you are able to lay-out something in your computer, that’s very much welcome too.

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